1. 1.Educator dashboard

Now you’ll have unprecedented insight into your students’ research: you can see what they’re investigating, how much time they’re spending, and what they’re writing in their journals. You can also give them Assignments to provide guidance in their research, or review their Bibliography.

  1. 2.No advertising
    Teacher and student accounts don’t have ads. Period.

  2. 3.Safe content
    instaGrok automatically removes profanity and sexual content. In addition, teachers can block controversial sites from being seen by students

  3. 4.Students’ privacy
    When your students using your class code, we do not collect their names, emails or any other pesonally-identifiable information. Their journals are also kept private (e.g. not displayed in the instaGrok gallery). Up to 200 students can connect to each teacher. (Librarian accounts enable 800 students to connect.)

  4. 5.Premium support
    We always provide teacher with priority support. Just email us at support@instagrok.com, whenever you have a problem, question or suggestions.

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Case Studies
instaGrok is used in thousands of schools around the world. Here are some stories of how educators are incorporating it into their classrooms:

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Research and Digital Literacy Skills

Thousands of teachers use instaGrok to engage students in self-directed learning, foster their curiosity, and help them develop critical research and digital literacy skills.

The core research functionality is 100% free, and no registration is required. But for educators who want more, we offer instaGrok Classroom

Five Reasons to Upgrade to instaGrok Classroom

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