Enhancements to the Teacher Dashboard

We’ve been working hard to improve the teacher dashboard in instaGrok, incorporating many of your requests. Among the improvements you will notice are:

  • Creating multiple classes. You can now use the “Manage Classes” button to add new classes (by entering a new class):manage-classes
  •  Selecting a class to view. If you have multiple classes, viewing all students at once may be overwhelming. That’s why the drop-down box in the upper left (“Select your class”) now lets you view just the students from a single class.
  • Viewing answered quiz questions. You can now see the details of the quiz questions answered by each students, including their answers. Just click on the number in the Quiz column:quiz-preview
  •  Improved Activity Graph. The new graph now has labels that show the day of the week (going back 7 days). The y-axis shows how much time a student spent on instaGrok that day (in minutes).
  • Removing Students. If you would like to remove a student from a class (e.g. from the previous school year), or due to a mistype at registration, you can do so using the “Remove from class” button in the left-hand column (under the activity graph):

Teachers, don’t hesitate to let us know what else we can do to improve your experience!

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