instaGrok on Edmodo

If you are in the world of K-12 of education, chances are you have heard of Edmodo, a social learning network for for teachers, students, and parents with over 20 millions users!

We are happy to announce that instaGrok is now an application at the Edmodo App store.


Installing instaGrok through Edmodo allows you teachers to assign Edmodo assignments to their students, and students to submit their journal entries as Edmodo assignments.

When a teacher installs instaGrok through Edmodo, their Edmodo class is automatically registered in instaGrok, and shows up in the instaGrok teacher dashboard, allowing them to see students’ activity for their class(es), and view/comment on their journals.

Students in the Edmodo class can submit their journal as an Edmodo assignment, using the Edmodo button on the journal’s toolbar. This brings up a dialog box, prompting them to select one of the assignments their teacher assigned in Edmodo:


The journal will then show up in the teacher’s Edmodo panel:


15 thoughts on “instaGrok on Edmodo

  1. The Edmodo App store is available to US users, and I’m located in Canada. If the app is free, is there anyway that Edmodo can add it to the limited number of apps that the rest of us have access to?

  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for your note. Edmodo is doing a controlled rollout of their app store, but it seems to be progressing pretty quickly. Unfortunately, we don’t have any special insight into when Edmodo will offer paid apps (such as instaGrok’s) worldwide.

  3. Peter, Mario:
    Please let us know when Edmodo enables access to the App Store; that way this page can be a resource for others.

    We’re anticipating the roll-out as much as you are! Thanks for your continued support.

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  6. It’s a pity the Instagrok app isn’t more widely available. We’re ready to try it in Australia.

    • Thanks for your support! We should be available wherever the Edmodo app store is turned on; please let us know if that’s not the case. In the meantime, you can always use instaGrok on!

    • Hi Patrick. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately this is up to Edmodo, not us. As soon as they roll out the store to Australia, we’ll be there!

  7. Our school is using the Showbie app this year. Any chance student journals can be directed to that app for submission??

      • I’m still finding that if I want that blogging aspect – I need to use Edmodo.
        Showbie, so far, is being well-received by the kids. Some teachers are using both,
        I may just have to be one of those because of Instagrok!!
        Thank you!!