About instaGrok

instaGrok is an innovative educational search engine that combines sophisticated semantic technology with an interactive user interface to make learning more engaging, personalized and fun for everyone. instaGrok is used by hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and everyday people every month.

We are a young startup that is quickly growing in traction and revenue. We are passionate about our mission of making learning more accessible and engaging, and are striving to create a very conscious organizational culture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone discover the joy of learning and empower them to be lifelong learners. So we are dedicated to building innovative technology to enable engaging, safe and personalized learning.

Our Team

We are very interested in connecting with educators, students and lifelong learners to understand how we can offer solutions for their needs. Please contact us.

Kirill Kireyev

Founder and CEO

Kirill is the visionary behind instaGrok, inspired by the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence to make learning more engaging, adaptive and personalized. He is responsible for the development of the algorithms and technical infrastructure.

Andrew Bender

Product / Marketing

Andrew is responsible for strategy, marketing, and overall operations of InstaGrok. Previously he was Founder and President of Eleven Learning, an open source textbook publishing platform. He also ran SugarLoot, a social network which at the time had over 3 million monthly uniques.